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We provide seamless caregiver support for you and any inhome caregiver for those who depend on you.

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Frustration, burnout and stress. Lack of knowledge and training in what to do and how to handle difficult behaviors and how to overcome stress, and lack of finances.


We will help you stay confidently in control of your life and at the same time, your care giving responsibilities. We help guide you through the difficult decision making and support you with 1:1 and group coaching, books, webinars, live broadcasts online and live workshops in your area. Contact us for more information.


We provide an in-person care consultation and/or telephone support, depending on your situation. Referrals to respite care, and other services you may need to maintain your effectiveness as a caregiver. You are not alone.

“I lost my dad on June 8. He was 89 and had led a wonderful life before developing Alzheimers/Dementia. I cannot tell you how very much I miss him. He lived with me for 8  years and nothing seems to have much purpose any longer. Connie, you helped me to find my purpose and a reason to go on. You helped me find  that dream I had so many years ago. Thank you for being such a wonderful help to me and my sister, as I shared your insights, lessons and comments with her, during a very difficult time.

Thank you Connie for your kindness guidandce and teaching. . As a Christian I know my dad is whole again. You helped me through a very difficult time and I can now see a future and know that the Lord has more in store for me than I could ever have imagined. I  appreciate your prayers and your giving of yourself. I am truly grateful for your support.

Kristina Jordan, Caregiver of Her Father

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