To care for those who once cared for us
is one of the highest honors

Connie Bohager – The Caregiver Coach

Connie Bohager is a believer in, and lover of, Jesus Christ. She is a best selling author, bible study leader, diet and nutrition expert, Licensed Practical Nurse, PAC Certified Independent Trainer and Caregiver Coach. Connie helps frustrated caregivers feel more confident, peaceful and supported, inspiring them to thrive and flourish spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. She is the founder of Caregiver Coaching, LLC in Yuma Arizona, dba ‘Connie The Caregiver Coach’. Her passions are teaching and supporting individuals during their stressful caregiving journey while encouraging them to discover their God given gifts to fulfill their place in the Body of Christ.

Connie is a “no holds barred” teacher, trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience in sales, customer service management, systems testing and program release management, major policy negotiations with analytical expertise in finding and developing solutions, a national quality manager and troubleshooter for a well-known Fortune 500 Global corporation. She has also served as a women’s ministry leader and bible teacher as well as the treasurer for a local political candidate during a political election.
Connie’s passion for health and nutrition began almost 50 years ago. She wanted to put her daughter on whole milk instead of the expensive formula. Her pediatrician said no: milk is no good. Well, Connie thought that he was a quack and set out to prove him wrong. What she found would change her forever. Determined to continue to research the subject was a lifelong pursuit for healthy living. Unfortunately, many of her friends and family did not heed her enlightenment and years later her father developed pancreatic cancer and died at an early age of 68 and her mother developed dementia. It was then after several careers that she sought to become a nurse and has been able to touch the lives and hearts of her patients. Again, much of her teaching is not heeded because it has not been embraced completely by the medical profession. But, there are signs that many allopathic physicians are beginning to see that diet is the keystone of vibrant health!!
Connie has cared for hundreds of seniors, including her own mother, living with dementia for the past 15+ years, experiencing first-hand the hardship and agony of caring for a loved one with dementia making her a highly qualified advocate and mentor for other caregivers, showing them a better way while bringing peace, love, joy and prosperity to their own journey.


The help you’ve always needed is finally here. We help frustrated caregivers feel more confident, peaceful, supported and free so they can thrive and flourish physically, mentally, spiritually and financially! Together we create a personalized care plan that will help you achieve those things that are most important to you. Not only will you have a plan you will receive the support you need to carry out the plan so you’ll have time to focus on what really matters.

We use modern proven positive techniques that will eliminate burnout, frustration and stress.

Our focus is on building a loving positive relationship with your loved one. We show you how to handle difficult behavioral situations and communicate more effectively.

Here are a few of the ways we support our clients:

Join our Newsletter for timely updates, information on upcoming events, new breakthroughs and we PROMISE not to overwhelm your inbox with tons of email!

Request a Complimentary “You Need A Break” Strategy Session!!!”  You will come away with a clear vision and plan to go forward with.

Choose 1:1 coaching or group coaching or a combination of both. 

We train in person and online via workshops, webinars, Facebook Groups, and Membership Groups, live facebook videos and of course our newsletter. 

As a nurse, Connie can also provide information on other ailments when necessary. 

 We not only support you physically, mentally, and spiritually, we show you how to plan for your finacial success and future so you don’t end up without a path at the end or your caregiving journey.

How we work

Group Coaching

Sometimes it is better to assemble together in person or online to share our experiences so that we may see we are not alone. Group members often tell me that they feel so relieved to find so many others with similar issues and they come away refreshed and renewed, less worried and less stressed.

Individualized Coaching

We provide 1:1 coaching for folks who feel they are ready to learn what to do and how to make the changes in their approach to loving care for their loved one. Knowing that there is a professional who is willing to brainstorm and problem solve with you and to come away form each session renewed in spirit and mind with understanding how important it is to be healthy and strong is priceless!

Care Management

Are you living far away from your loved one who needs your help?  Do you constantly worry about what will happen and how to secure the help he needs? We have the answer. With our Care Management service, we plan and coordinate the care of your loved one to improve their quality of life and maintain their independence as long as possible.  We advocate for your loved one in whatever setting he/she is in. We can locate suitable living communities, caregivers meal providers, medication management, and follow up with you and your loved one to ensure he is getting the support he needs.

“We change the world when we simply meet the needs of another” Connie Bohager

CEO, The Caregiver Coach

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